Photo credit: Patricia Wiley

Photo credit: Patricia Wiley

Student Testimonials

  • Emily Xu

    Emily Xu

    Minoring in German was one of the best decisions I made as an undergraduate. I always had a passion for foreign languages and I was biased towards German because my father was once a German-Chinese translator. The small class size and daily meetings of introductory German courses at UCLA allowed me to build a strong language foundation and made me comfortable with publically speaking German. Through the upper division courses, I had the opportunity to... Read more

Courses in English

  • German 56: Figures Who Changed the World: Cosmopolitanisms within a Global Context

    Instructor: David D. Kim

    Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Taught in English. Introduction to strains of German philosophy...

  • Yiddish 10: From Old World to New: Becoming Modern as Reflected in Yiddish Cinema and Literature

    Instructor: Miriam Koral

    Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Use of media of Yiddish cinema (classic films and...

  • German 110: Special Topics in Modern Literature and Culture

    Instructor: Yasemin Yildiz

    Lecture, three hours. Taught in English. Content varies with instructor and may include works by...

  • German Honors 84: Conflicts between Languages

    Instructor: Robert S. Kirsner

    Seminar, three hours. Introduction to potentially conflict-ridden language situations in three countries abroad and discussion...