Photo credit: Patricia Wiley

Photo credit: Patricia Wiley

Languages Offered

  • Afrikaans

    Afrikaans is a West Germanic language and is spoken in South Africa by approximately 6... Read More

  • Dutch

    Modern Dutch is a West Germanic language (and, as such, a sister language of Modern... Read More

  • German

    German is a West Germanic language within the Indo-European family of languages and, as such,... Read More

  • Yiddish

    Yiddish has been taught at UCLA for well over 30 years. UCLA is one of... Read More

Student Testimonials

  • Emily Galloway

    Emily Galloway

    I started UCLA as an engineering student, but soon found myself missing the conversational and collaborative environment of my high school German classes. So, I decided to take German 5 at UCLA. I liked it so much, I eventually took enough courses to have a minor, then decided not to stop until I had my secondary major in German. I did not set out to major in German, but ended up there simply because I... Read more

Courses in English

  • German 56: Figures Who Changed the World: Cosmopolitanisms within a Global Context

    Instructor: David D. Kim

    Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Taught in English. Introduction to strains of German philosophy...

  • German 152: Conversation and Composition on Contemporary German Culture and Society I

    Instructor: Magdalena Tarnawska Senel

    Lecture, three hours. Requisite: course 6. Taught in German. Structured around themes as they emerge...

  • German 140: Language and Linguistics

    Instructor: Christopher Stevens

    Lecture, three hours. Enforced requisite or corequisite: course 6. Taught in English with German proficiency...

  • German 110: Special Topics in Modern Literature and Culture

    Instructor: Yasemin Yildiz

    Lecture, three hours. Taught in English. Content varies with instructor and may include works by...