Graduate Certificates in Related Programs

While pursuing the Ph.D. in German it is possible to work towards a graduate certificate in a related field.  Such a certificate indicates that you have taken a certain number of courses and acquired a more than casual competence in that other field.  For information on such certificates, follow the link to the program in which you are interested.


Program in Experimental Critical Theory

The UCLA Program in Experimental Critical Theory is open to graduate students enrolled in any Ph.D. or MFA program at UCLA, and offers the Graduate Certificate in Experimental Critical Theory.  Requirements for the certificate include the two quarter core seminar, offered winter and spring quarters.  The Program also sponsors the twice quarterly ECT Colloquium and various lectures and conferences.  More information about the program, the full requirements for the certificate, and how to apply to it is available here.


Program in Indo-European Studies

The UCLA Program in Indo-European Studies recognizes that graduate students from other departments may choose to take significant coursework in Indo-European Studies. Those who wish to receive formal recognition for such study may now earn a graduate certificate in Indo-European Studies.  The graduate certificate requires a minimum of six courses.  More information about the program and the certificate requirements is available at the PIES website.


Department of Gender Studies

The UCLA Department of Gender Studies offers a Concentration in Gender Studies to allow graduate students enrolled in UCLA departments, programs and professional schools to acquire expertise and a credential in Gender Studies.  To earn the credential, students must take 12 units of 200-level Gender Studies courses and submit a Gender Studies-related major research paper.  Upon completion of the requirements, Gender Studies will furnish each concentrator with a letter attesting to their basic competency in graduate work in Gender Studies.  For a more detailed description of the program and its requirements, see the information on the Gender Studies website.

Additional Resources

For official program requirements, visit the Graduate Division website.
To access the departmental handbook, see attachment Academic Policies for Graduate Students.