Yizhou Chen is Admitted to the Graduate Program in Mathematics at the University of Bonn, Germany

Published: October 24, 2018

Yizhou Chen graduated from UCLA in Spring 2018 with a double major in German and Mathematics. He initially chose to learn German because he has always been fascinated by the German culture. Since high school, he has been reading works by German authors such as Hermann Hesse and Thomas Mann. In order to learn more about German culture, he decided to learn German by himself at the end of high-school. He was then attracted to the logical structure of the language. At UCLA, he had the chance to learn German culture more deeply with his professors. German has always been a pleasure in his life and added a variety to his routine of studying mathematics.  He decided to apply for and accept the admission to the master program in mathematics at the University of Bonn because studying in Germany has always been his dream. He will be able to practice his German and study mathematics at the same time. In order to learn about local cultures, he has been researching German dialects around Bonn. It is fascinating to him to learn how the dialects are related to the local culture and history. Through his research, Yizhou discovered a fascinating story connected to the song in local dialect called Schängellied. The word Schängel refers to the children of French soldiers and German women born in the historic period 1794-1814, during which Koblenz was captured by France. Originally an insult, the word later evolved to a self-identification designation for people from Koblenz.