DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service

The German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD) is a German national agency for international academic cooperation and exchange. It provides scholarships, information, and counseling about studying and research in Germany for all academic levels and all fields. A DAAD scholarship typically includes a monthly stipend (or a lump sum), health insurance, an all-grantees meeting in Bonn/Germany, and some travel reimbursement. Here are their funding opportunities for study and research in Germany:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships: Funding for study abroad, internships, or senior thesis research. Open to students in all fields. Previous knowledge of German not required, but advantageous. 4-10 months during the German academic year. Around 60 awarded annually. €650/month; insurance; travel stipend. Deadline: January of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • RISE (Research Internship in Science and Engineering): 8-12 weeks in summer. Web-based matching process. Undergrads work directly with German doctoral students at top labs across country. No German required. € 650/month; insurance. Housing assistance provided. 300 interns placed in 2015. Deadline: January of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • RISE Professional: For recent graduates or graduate students. 6-12 week summer internships with leading German companies. German requirements depend on the nature of the internship. Scholarships and housing assistance. € 750+/month; insurance; travel stipend. Deadline: January of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • Summer Courses: Summer courses at German universities for juniors, seniors & graduate students. Hundreds of courses to choose from. Scholarships only for courses taught in German – 2 years minimum language requirement. www.summerschools-in-germany.de Deadline: December of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • SIP: Study & Internship Program: 1 semester coursework at a university of applied science + 1 semester internship supervised by a U.A.S. For sophomores and juniors (at time of application). Language requirements depend on individual program. € 700/month; travel stipend; insurance. Deadline: December of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • InternXchange: 11 week summer program in Berlin for journalism and communication undergrads and grad students. Seminar program + internships in media companies. € 700/month; travel stipend; insurance. Good proficiency in German required. Deadline: February of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • EMGIP Bundestag Internship: Intern for 2 months at German parliament. Advanced undergrads or grad students. Fields: political science, int’l relations, law, history, econ or German. Must be comfortable in written & spoken German. €1,100. Deadline: September of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • International Parliamentary Scholarship: 5 months internship with a member of parliament at the Bundestag. Seminars, events and networking with the 100+ other grantees from the U.S. and Europe. Monthly scholarship. Must have very strong German language skills, be under 30 years old and have at least a Bachelors. Apply at the German Embassy in Washington: http://www.bundestag.de/bundestag/europa_internationales/internat_austausch/ips/info/usa.htmlDeadline: July of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • Study scholarships for graduate students: Support for one or two years of study in Germany. Can be used to earn a Master’s degree at a German university. German language ability should be commensurate with needs. Final-year undergrads may apply. 60 awarded annually. € 750/month; insurance; travel stipend. UCLA on campus deadline: October of every year. /Nation-wide deadline: October of every year. Please check the website for details.
  • Research grants for graduate students: 1 to 10 months (with the possibility of an extension). Can also be used to complete PhD in Germany. Around 30 short term (< 6 mo.) and 60 long-term awarded annually. Monthly support of €1000, + travel stipend & insurance. Tip: Invitation by host institution essential. Deadline: November of every year (10 months and short-term grants) & May of every year (short-term only). Please check the website for details.
  • Intensive language courses for graduate students: Learn German for 8 weeks at top language institutes throughout Germany. Available in any field except English, German, or other modern language or literature. Must have 3 semesters of college German. Lump sum of €2300 + travel funds. Deadline: December of every year. Please check the website for details.



  • Application form must be filled out through the DAAD online application system
  • Guidelines and detailed information on the online application process is available on the website.
  • There are specific on UC deadlines for the study scholarships for graduate students



  • Undergraduate Scholarships: January
  • RISE: January
  • RISE Professional: January
  • Summer Courses: December
  • SIP: Study & Internship Program: February
  • InternXchange: January
  • EMGIP Bundestag Internship: September
  • International Parliamentary Scholarship: July
  • Study Scholarships for Graduate Students: UCLA on campus deadline: October
  • Research Grants for Graduate Student: November (long & short-term) & May (short-term only).
  • Intensive Language Courses for Graduate Students: December






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