Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Undergraduate Students

How do I declare a German(ic) Major or Minor?
Please contact Professor Andrea  Moudarres for an appointment via email
How do I get a tutor?
Please send your tutor request to Your request will go to our graduate students. Available grad students will contact you.
Will the classes I take in Vienna count toward my degree?
Please contact Professor Magdalena Tarnawska Senel for an appointment, or Student Affairs Officer Kerry Allen.

We cannot pre-approve classes taken through Study Abroad.  We encourage students to study abroad through EAP, since the EAP programs are UC approved.  While abroad, and upon return, participants should be in close contact with our Director of Undergraduate Studies to petition the courses you have taken for UCLA approval.

Where can I find classes being offered during future quarters?
Please see the tentative course listings in the UCLA Schedule of Classes.

Graduate Students

How do I apply to the graduate program?
Please visit the Graduate Division website for the application and information regarding our program.

General Questions

Where is the Department of Germanic Languages located?
The Department of Germanic Languages is located in the iconic Royce Hall. Administrative offices are located in 212 Royce Hall.

Mailing address:
UCLA Department of Germanic Languages
212 Royce Hall
Box 951539
Los Angeles, CA 90095